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Health is the most essential form of wealth that we need, without which, no form of material health will be of any meaning or purpose. As per WHO, by 2020, two thirds of death will be due to lifestyle diseases. I have compiled some of the best knowledge which I have gathered during my years of practice as a doctor and as a social responsibility felt the urge to share secrets of wellness with you.

Key Takeaways

  • Food: : Learn how food has the power to heal and nourish our body.
  • Exercise: : Learn how incorporating exercise in our daily routine can help a great deal in living a healthy life.
  • Sleep: : Get to know the importance of sleep in our daily life.
  • Stress: : Learn how to keep your mind away from stress and manage your life better.
  • Fasting: : Know how fasting can work wonders for your health.
  • Meditation: : Eliminate all internal problems following meditation, like the sages used to do in old times.
  • Love, Compassion and Happiness: : Learn how positive emotions can make your healthier and moreover learn the secrets to being happy.
7 Pillars of Health & Wellness



Dr. Vishwanath is a specialist in treating lifestyle diseases and medical conditions from the root cause with a holistic approach to wellness. Dr. Vishwanath has been successful in bringing back happiness into people's lives through Therapeutic Fasting and focus on Wellness as a way of life.

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