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Dr. Vishwanath - Health transformation expert, Diabetologist, Low carb diet advocate and physician

Majority of the health issues I find today are directly in relation to the Lifestyle we lead.  We cannot bring about any transformation in us when we stay ignorant about the causes behind these health issues and do not make lifestyle changes accordingly.  Health is taken for granted and when ill, people do not provide the required attention to their body and mind to contemplate why they are falling sick, followed by taking appropriate steps to bring corrections. So By and Large what I see is, more than medicinal intervention a lifestyle intervention is what we need to lead a healthy, active and a progressive lifestyle and that is exactly what Wellness is about.

Dr. Vishwanath


“Suppressing Symptoms and not addressing the root causes of a Disease paves way for impending medical conditions.”

“Obesity and Diabetes are not a linear Game of Calories,
It needs intervention at a fundamental level. With belief and right efforts a reversal can be initiated.”


Wellness is a less-spoken topic among the millennials and Gen-Z. The primary reason is the sedentary lifestyle that leads to non-communicable diseases like type-2 diabetes, obesity, and other lifestyle-related diseases. People these days hardly get time to take care of themselves. We aim at providing healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable and can be followed to increase your longevity and life expectancy.

Who can take up Consultation?

  • OVERWEIGHT and obese patients who want to lose weight.
  • Diabetics and prediabetics who are not happy with the current treatment.
  • Diabetics and Pre-diabetics who would like to reverse it by lifestyle changes and become completely normal.
  • People who want to learn and implement INTERMITTENT FASTING as a therapy for better health and wellness in life.
  • For women who are suffering from PCOD problems.

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