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Consultation Locations

Satva speciality clinic and preventive health centre: RBI Layout, Kothanooru Main Road, J.P. Nagar, 7th Phase, Bengaluru 560078

Astra Superspeciality Hospital

Vasanthapura main road, Bengaluru

Doctor consultation

at the comfort of your home

Types of Consultations

Diabetes Management and Reversal

Price ₹ 1000

Legal disclaimer

Thyroid Consultation

Price ₹ 1000

Legal disclaimer

Fatty liver Consultation.

Price ₹ 1000

Legal disclaimer

Intermittent Fasting and Overall wellness

Price ₹ 1000

Legal disclaimer

Review of Annual Health Check Up reports

Price ₹ 1000

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Why Online Video Consultation


Over the last 10 years or so, a lot of people across India and around the globe have been wanting to consult me online. I am glad that with this E-Consultation I will be able to do that and extend my efforts to make wellness mainstream and an intrinsic part of peoples’ lives again.

Benefits of Online Video Consultation

We have designed the e-consultation process to ensure you have the following advantages:

Consult from anywhere in India and around the world

20 – 30 minutes of personalized consultation

Fix a convenient time

Easy Online Payment and Wallet Options

How it Works?


Click on “Book E – Consultation Now


Enter the details prompted


Make Payment


You will receive Payment Receipt


Within 24 hours you will receive a call from
Dr. Vishwanath’s team to schedule the
e-consultation slot according to your


On the scheduled day and time,
consultation will happen through
Skype/Google Duo/WhatsApp Video.


Consult with Dr.Vishwanath Online at your ease and skip the struggle of waiting!

Quick access to healthcare is very essential during times when new diseases and lifestyle-related illnesses are cropping up all around the world. Today people are not able to visit a clinic or a hospital due to several reasons. During times like these when face-to-face interactions are not possible, doctors provide e-consultation to help patients. Through this facility, you can gain access to medical expertise without having to step out of your home. Do you have a health or wellness related concern? You can now easily book an online doctor appointment with Dr.Vishwanath and receive guidance for all your general health and wellbeing-related queries.

Connect with Dr.Vishwanath – Anytime! Anywhere!

Dr.Vishwanath is a leading Weight loss-Health Consultant, Diabetologist, Practicing Physician and Wellness Guru based in Bangalore. His positive and holistic approach to weight loss and wellbeing has benefited many of his patients from all walks of life.

Online Video Consultation – How it works?

Online consultation at Dr.Vishwanath works in 6 easy steps

  • View the type of consultation offered and select the suitable option.
  • Enter the details required for online doctor consultation.
  • If you are requesting an online appointment with the doctor for the first time, fill in the details and upload medical reports if there are any.
  • Confirm your booking and make a payment through Debit/Credit cards, Net banking or UPI. You will receive a receipt after payment.
  • Within 24hours, we will call and confirm the slot at your convenient time.
  • You can consult with Dr.Vishwanath through Skype/Google Duo/WhatsApp Video as per the agreed schedule.

Benefits of Online Video Consultation

  • Consult or ask for a doctor online anytime and anywhere: No matter where you are you can quickly fix an appointment with your doctor and clarify your queries online.
  • No queue for appointments: Upon booking, the doctor’s office will call you and fix a date and time available at the earliest available slot.
  • Time-saving: With e-consultation, you no longer have to travel to the doctor’s clinic or wait in a long queue. You can consult with your doctor from the comfort of your home.
  • Cost-effective: Since e-consultation eliminates the need to travel you can save not only time but also on transportation costs too.

Consulting Specialties


1. How do I book an online appointment with the doctor?

Doctor Vishwanath offers e-consultation for general medicine and also consults for diabetes management, weight loss, cholesterol, intermittent fasting online. You can simply select the consultation type, pay the fee, and book your appointment.

2. How does an online doctor appointment work?

Select the type of consultation offered and enter the details needed for online doctor consultation. Upload the medical reports if any. Confirm the booking by making a payment. You will get a call to confirm the slot at your convenient time. Then you can ask a doctor online to proceed with the consultation.

3. How much does it cost for e-consultation with the doctor?

The online doctor consultation lasts for 15 to 20 minutes and is priced at 1000 INR.

4. Will I get a prescription from the doctor?

No, since there is no direct examination a prescription will not be issued.

5. What are the details needed if I am booking an appointment for the second or next time?

If you are booking for the second time, login using the username/e-mail and password to proceed with online doctor appointment booking.

6. Is my consultation secure?

Yes, we do not share or disclose your medical information with third parties.

7. Can I request a free online dr consultation with the doctor?

We currently do not provide a free consultation option.

8. How do I make a payment?

You can pay through credit/debit cards, net banking or UPI. Explore the options available.

9. Do you provide emergency/critical care?

No, we do not. We schedule your e-consultation within 24 hours of your request, hence it is not ideal for emergency/critical care.

10. What will be the duration of the online medical consultation?

The duration of the online consultation may vary from patient to patient but the standard consultation time is 15 to 20 minutes.

11. How do I consult a doctor online?

You can consult the doctor through Skype/Google Duo/ Whatsapp video consultation. You can chat with the doctor as per the agreed schedule and get a response for your health problems.

12. Are consultations available 24×7?

No, it is not available 24×7. You can request a consultation and we will call you for scheduling the appointment at the earliest.