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  1. ”Don’t do dieting and count calories. EAT RIGHT” this is new health and fitness mantra.
  2. If you eat right ,75% of you health will be taken care. Our weight and brain health depends 80% on right foods we eat.
  3. Don’t count calories and get obsessed.
  4. Reduce refined carbohydrates in diet. Eat more natural fats and moderate proteins.
  5. Include Anti inflammatory foods in your daily diet.

Which is perfect human diet ?

Which is perfect human diet | Best Nutritionist in Bangalore

For millions of years humans lived as hunters and gathers.

They were eating plant based foods ,animals,nuts and seeds.

They never ate grains.

Humans started eating grains since last 5 to 6 thousand years.

Most of our biology by evolutionary perspective,is well adopted to diet which is “grain free.”

Thus “Grain free “ diet with healthy fats and moderate proteins is the perfect human diet.

Grain free diet is somewhat similar to paleo diet.(diet of early humans)

What is Grain free diet?

What is Grain free diet | Best Nutritionist in Bangalore

Grain free diet is eating plant based foods,vegetables,meat ,nuts ,seeds ,and moderate amount fruits and milk products.

Grains like rice ,wheat ,oats ,legumes and millets are not included in the diet.

This diet is good for maintaining ideal weight and for optimum brain health.

Other two best diets are

  1. Low carbohydrate diet
  2. Keto diet

What is low carbohydrates diet ?

In low carbohydrates diet ,you needs to eat less than 20% carbohydrates.

Our present day diet contains almost 70% carbohydrates.

You must eat moderate amount of proteins and healthy natural fats.

What is Keto diet ?

When you follow the keto diet, you should consume 60 to 70% fat, 35% protein and less than 10% carbohydrate. Culturally, we follow a grain-based diet and avoid fats, but this diet requires you to avoid grains and have more fat.

What are the foods you should avoid in a keto diet?

What are the foods you should avoid in a keto diet? | Best Nutritionist in Bangalore

  • Starchy vegetables like white potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots
  • Legumes like beans
  • All fruits except berries and Avocado
  • Dry fruits
  • Alcohol

How does Keto Diet Work?

It takes 2 to 3 days for ketosis to begin. This ketosis is not keto acidosis. Ketosis is normal metabolism while keto acidosis is a dangerous metabolic state that occurs in diabetics when there is high level of ketone and blood sugar at the same time.

What are the side effects of Keto diet?

What are the side effects of Keto diet? | Best Nutritionist in Bangalore

The common side effects of the keto diet are:

  • Flu-like symptoms like headache and fatigue
  • Bad breath
  • Minor electrolyte imbalances

The extent of side effects can be minimised with adequate intake of water and Himalayan rock salt. After 1 or 2 weeks of Keto diet, the side effects disappear.


Chronic inflammation is one of the causes of chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, stroke, cancer, allergies, digestive problem and obesity.

The best ways to reduce or prevent chronic inflammation are by diet and lifestyle changes. Adding anti-inflammatory foods to your diet will help prevent these chronic lifestyle diseases.

Anti-inflammatory foods contain essential vitamins and antioxidants that help reduce the effects of inflammation. Studies have shown that having a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods can promote brain health, gut health and slow skin aging.

The best anti-inflammatory foods are:

  • Turmeric, ginger, basil
  • Green tea
  • Dry fruits like walnuts, almonds,
  • Vegetables like tomatoes, beans, broccoli, red pepper, sweet potatoes
  • green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale
  • Fruits like pineapple, berries, fig, avocado
  • Seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Oils like coconut oil, olive oil
  • Salmon
  • Dark chocolate

11 Antioxidant Foods for Weight Loss Diet Plan | Best Nutritionist in BangaloreInclude above foods as much as possible in your diet consistently

Are you looking for a “dietitian near me” because you want to?

  • reduce your weight
  • improve your health and immune system
  • control blood sugar levels

Each person searches for a “nutritionist near me” for a different reason and outcome.

While many are looking for the best dietician in Bangalore to help them battle obesity and fatty liver problem, there are many who look for nutritionists to help them get stronger from within by eating the right kind of foods.

Dr. Vishwanath is a wellness specialist, consultant diabetologist and the best nutritionist in Bangalore. With a decade of experience and expertise in lifestyle-based diseases, Dr. Vishwanath endorses the use of natural treatment methods, diet and minor lifestyle changes to combat various diseases. Don’t just go on a crash diet or follow some food fads that you read on the internet. Get professional support to manage your diet and health. Eating the right foods can bring about the right changes in your health and wellness. You can consult the best dietician in Bangalore with just a click of a button! Book an appointment online and talk to Dr. Vishwanth about your health concerns.

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Having expertise in food and nutrition, a dietitian gives dietary advice to promote good health and manage diseases.

You can consult a dietician if you are overweight, want to conceive, have a food sensitivity or digestive disorder, reduce your risk of cancer, want to be a better athlete, feel lethargic or suddenly depressed.

No, the work of dietitians is different from nutritionists. Dietitians give expert advice on diet for treating various health conditions while nutritionists provide personalized diet plans as well as suggestions but cannot do so if there is any health problem.

You can notice positive results in a month. Depending on your health conditions, plan and requirements, the dietician will let you know the quantifiable goals which can be tracked periodically.

Yes, your customized diet plan also involves some exercise like walking, running or working out in a gym.

Yes, the dieticians in Bangalore can provide you with fitness advice and help you achieve your desired results faster.

Your eating habits determine how healthy your lifestyle is. Some of the benefits of eating healthy food are that it keeps you free from diseases, helps in maintaining a healthy heart, keeps your bones and muscles healthy, maintains general fitness with healthy teeth, skin and hair, and keeps you in proper shape.

Dieting keeps your food intake in check, however, it doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself. The expert dietician can make a customized diet plan according to your health status and also track your progress regularly.

The best Indian diet for weight loss will be an appropriate combination of the main food groups which include cereals and pulses, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meat, and fats.

Fat-free and non-fat diet is the same while the low-fat foods contain higher fat content as compared to the food which is labelled as fat-free.

Yes, it is better to have a light dinner and finish it by 8 pm as the metabolism of the body is very low at night.

Diet planning involves a healthy lifestyle. An individual whose sleep pattern is disturbed cannot live a healthy life. Asleep of up to 7-8 hours can lower many health risks.

With rich experience and expertise in lifestyle-based diseases, Dr.Vishwanath is the best dietician near me for weight loss.

Yes, an online nutritionist can provide you with one-on-one counselling according to your convenience. The nutritionist can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and enable you to attain your weight loss and fitness goals. You can get e-consultation from Dr.Vishwanath, the best nutritionist in Bangalore and get the perfect diet plan to lose weight fast.