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Your search for “general physician doctors near me” has brought you to the right place.

General physician serves as the first point of contact whenever a patient visits the hospital.

Dr. Vishwanath is a practicing general physician in Bangalore who offers personalized plan for prevention and non surgical treatment of following conditions.

  1. All types of fevers Example : Dengue,malaria ,typhoid
  2. All metabolic and life style diseases diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, obesity and fatty liver
  3. Blood pressure(BP)
  4. Stomach pains and gastritis
  5. Vomiting and diarrhoea
  6. Jaundice
  7. All sexually transmitted Infectious diseases.
  8. Counselling and testing for accidental pricks or sex exposure.
  9. Respiratory diseases like ,throat infections,asthma, allergies, cough, and sinusitis.
  10. Lung infections like pneumonia & Tuberculosis.
  11. Problems like a headache and migraines
  12. HIV post exposure prophylaxis and treatment
  13. Adult vaccinations
  14. Review of health check reports and advice
  15. Vitamin D deficiency treatment
  16. Vitamin B12 deficiency treatment.
  17. Nutritional deficiencies.
  18. Urinary tract infections
  19. Assesment of fitness before any surgery.
  20. Opinion on referrring to specific super specialist doctor.
  21. Adult vaccination.
  22. Vaccinations before traveling
  23. Vaccinations during epidemics like H1N1.
  24. Advise on home care of aged ill patients at home.
  25. Second opinion on any undiagnosed infections.
  26. Primary consultant for intensive care patients.

Dr. Vishwanath is the best general physician in Bangalore who also offers holistic treatment for the various lifestyle diseases.

He recommends methods like diet regulation, yoga, exercise, medical therapy and intermittent fasting.

 What are the other treatments offered at Dr. Vishawanth’s?

Doctor offers a wellness consultation for individuals who are looking for natural and healthy ways of improving their health and wellness.

The other treatments offered here are:

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