Lifestyle Diseases and Wellness

Since World War II, we are living in some of the most prosperous times in history.  We need not face arms now, we have very few fatal diseases/plagues now and we have more safety nets.  Instead of having to face enemies in the warfield, we are now faced with  tension, peer pressure, professional frustration, pressure of unmet expectations and the overwhelming emotions humans have always had – Grief, pain and loss, proportions of which are higher now though.

Tens and thousands of years ago, our ancestors hunted and gathered, after which it was the era where humans lived as farmers and herders,  and  in the last 200 years, by and large Sapiens obtained their daily bread as laborers and office workers. In the Last 60 Years, the way the world has grown and evolved through a series of technological revolutions, rapid urbanization, and globalization, there has been a tremendous shift in the way we live our lives and our lifestyle choices. In the process, our cultural norms, daily lifestyles, and nutritional habits have changed significantly too, but our underlying biology has not changed much. Our biology could not adapt to these rapid changes in lifestyle & environmental conditions and we continue to force it on our biological system. The Result? Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Cancers and a gamut of other lifestyle induced diseases which are now becoming more common than ever.

46% South Indians are obese. Nearly 2/3 of the population are overweight.

We are a society that eats too much, moves too little, stressed out more often than not and doesn’t get to sleep sound and enough.  Very few people practice healthiest behavior for having a life of sustained wellness because when age is on our side and we are healthy, we really do not bother about health and wellbeing, we fail to recognize its value.  As they say “Health is the crown on a healthy person which only an ill person can see and appreciate”

Most of our health problems today are due to

  1. Processed Foods and Unhealthy Daily Diet.
  2. Wayward Food Consumption Timings.
  3. Pollution.
  4. Pressures of life.
  5. Lack of Physical Activity.

There are 7 simple secrets to our Well Being which would keep us healthy, make our lives more purposeful, meaningful and productive – I Call it the 7 Pillars of Health –  

  1. Healthy Diet.
  2. Moderate and Regular Exercise.
  3. Adequate Sleep.
  4. Management of Stress.
  5. Breaking the Chain of Addictions.
  6. Meditation.
  7. Love, Compassion & Happiness.
E-book-7 Pillars