Intermittent Fasting for Healthy Living

Fasting has been followed by all cultures and religions in one way or the other.

intermittent fastingSome spiritual fasts are done for days together – Navaratri in Hinduism, Ramadan in Islam and Easter in Christianity. According to human physiology, one can live up to 40 days without any food but with water. In fact, many Yogis and Maharishis have been known to live without food or sometimes even without water for a long time, ‘eating air’ alone.

Fasting differs from starvation.  Fasting is the voluntary withholding of food for spiritual, health or other reasons. Paracelsus once said “Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within”. Our genetic tendency to overeat is the root cause of everything from Diabetes to neurodegenerative disease. Fasting is the oldest and most powerful dietary intervention by simply allowing the body to burn off excess body fat.

Therapeutic Fasting or Intermittent Fasting is total abstinence from all food, but not water. The purpose of therapeutic fasting is the promotion and restoration of health. It’s the simplest way ever to lose weight and improve many health problems.

Fasting Breaks Insulin Resistance, which is the primary cause of Diabetes. Fasting shifts our awareness from outside of our body to inside of our body. It deepens our awareness on the self. Gradually it helps develop the quality of self restraint and resilience. Fasting also detoxifies the body, which implies it enhance the productive functionality of our body.

Humans are the most adaptable organism on the planet, but our food and environment have changed so rapidly that now we are ill equipped to deal with modern world. Diet more than 100-150g carbohydrates per day lead to inflammation and weight gain, while diets high in fat are anti-inflammatory. Since the advent of agriculture, we have spent 500 hundred generations – < 0.4 % of our evolutionary history – we are eating a starch and carbohydrate based diet that is unnatural to our species.

Today, 90% of the world’s food supply comes from 17 species of plants (ten most common are Wheat, corn, rice, barley, soybeans, cane sugar, Sorghum, potatoes, oats and cassava). Most of which were not present in the human diet during the majority of the time human evolution was occurring.

Processed Food becoming a Staple Part of our everyday food consumption is another primary cause for a deteriorated health quotient in Humans, especially in the last 30 years.

Humans today are diagnosed with diseases 15 years earlier than our grandparents. Age 30 has become the new forty five when it comes to the onset of chronic diseases

Please note that one must follow fasting only under proper medical supervision and advice

For Beginners: intermittent fasting

Simple fast: 12 hours

(First week) – Early dinner between 7.30 pm to 8 pm and Breakfast at 8 am

Intermittent fasting: 16 hours

(2nd & 3rd week) – Early dinner 7.30 pm and a late breakfast at 11.30 am

Extended fasting: 24hours (once a week)

(4th Week on ward) – Fasting from Dinner to Dinner

During fasting time:

  1. Adequate water must be taken
  2. Coffee/Tea/Green Tea – without sugars can be taken.

During Eating Time:

Low carbohydrate diet is advised for effective control of sugar and DM / weight loss

  1. The market for diabetic drugs and devices in United States is over 30 billion dollars daily.
  2. 9 to 10 % of all adults worldwide, is well over 400 million men, women and children in total.
  3. In 1980 percentage of Diabetics in China is 1%
    later estimate of 11.6% of adult population in China are Diabetic
  4. In 1930s advertising and magazines promoted –Sugar as todays equivalent of probiotics or multivitamins today.
  5. We now eat in 5x the amount of Sugar ancestors 200 years ago ate in a ‘Whole year”
  1. Learning to take command of your health is a lifelong journey.
  2. Philosophy on Health – “Inevitable result of obeying nature’s rules and disease is the inevitable result of distancing your body from nature”
  3. Processed foods are easily identified by any of these three ingredients : Vegetable Oil, Sugar and MSG (Monosodium glutamate), High Sodium, Gluten, Emuslifiers.
  4. Avoid Vegetable Oils. Oils you should buy → Olive, Peanut, Coconut, sesame, flaxseed
  5. Avoid MSG, HSP (hydrolyzed soy protein) or HVP (Hydrolyzed vegetable protein)
  6. Vegetable to fruit purchase ratio – 5:1
  7. Never buy skimmed or low fat milk, processed yogurt or cheese.
  8. Early Hindu physicians were linking diabetics to unwanted Carbohydrate consumption and sugar. More than a millennium before the invention of organic chemistry.
  9. Sugar does induce the same response in the region of the brain known as the ‘reward centers’ – technically the nucleus accumbens – as do nicotine, Cocaine, Heroin and alcohol addiction
  10. Take these every day (either naturally or supplements from trusted sources)
    • Multi Vitamin
    • Vitamin D
    • Omega -3 fatty acid
    • Probiotics
  11. Low BP – licorice root extract – 150 milligrams twice a day
  12. If you are taking statins, also take 2mg of co-enzyme o/o daily

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