Basic Understanding Of Yoga : Significance of Yoga On Our Health

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise.It is not just to burn calories and lose weight.

Regular practice of yoga can relax body better than any other format of exercises and it has the power to change and Strengthen your emotions and mind.

Many people limit knowledge of yoga to “Asanas”.It is not just Asanas.

Yoga is a practical expression of Vedic wisdom.Yoga is self-awareness.

Every ‘Asanas’, ’Mudras’ and breathing is focused towards self-awareness. Equanimity, steadfastness, and clarity of thought are few of the results of Yoga.

The basic Principle Of Yoga is: When we perform yoga with awareness and dedication it attracts the cosmic energy of a certain wavelength which has the power to heal you from within and also the power to empower your higher being. Every Asana or every aspect of Yoga potentially attracts universal energy. It balances the energy within us and keep us in equilibrium with the cosmic forces. Which is why it is so therapeutic.

To put it simply, one can run on treadmill or Gym listening to music or watching TV but yoga can be practiced only with a complete focus on body posture and calmness of mind.

Maharishi Patanjali explained 8 Aspects of Yoga

1) ASANAS; Postures and Flexibility-mind -body integration

2) PRANAYAMA; Neurorespiratory integration

3) DHYANA; Meditation

4) SAMADHI; Unbound awareness

5) DHARANA; mastery of Attention and intention.

6) PRATYAHARA; Focus on our senses.

7) YAMA; social behavior in accordance with natural laws

8) NIYAMA; Rules of personal behavior.

Yoga unifies mind, body, Emotions, Senses, Breathing, and Environment. (Rajas, Thamas and Sattva in Equilibrium). Yoga is just not a morning practice, it is state of being and it is state of attention.

There can’t be a ‘physical healing’ of the body without ‘mind healing’.

Every disease from common cold to cancer is influenced by mind.

Health and Healing is “Mind-body”phenomena.

Yoga is Mind-body healing Exercise.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone and at any age.

People with physical ailments can choose alternative poses. There are always alternatives to any given pose.

There are many types of yoga, from the hatha yoga to Kriya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga and newer styles of yoga being perpetuated by many modern Masters. All types take your workout to a level of mind-body connection. (Kriya Yoga/Kundalini Yoga should be learned only from highly efficient Masters in the Same )


1) Yoga is good for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

2) Yoga is beneficial in arthritis and back pain.

3) Pregnancy; Yoga can keep woman strong and relaxed. Specific adjustments have to be made

     for practicing yoga in pregnancy.

4) It gives you strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness.It gives complete mind-body

     wellness.It targets all muscles like core, arms, legs, and back. When done consistently prevents injuries.


5) Yoga is anti – aging;

    “Infinite flexibility is the secret of immortality”

     Yoga helps in keeping the body more flexible.

6) Yoga is good for stress management.

7)  Yoga is very beneficial for PCOD.

Those who are into high-intensity sports, practicing yoga will help them in enhancing their performance in a great way also will prevent injuries due to physical stress related to sports.

Note; learn yoga under proper guidance.

In my next posting, I will explain about how yoga is beneficial in Diabetes.